Scottish Mortgage, Tesla Investor, Decides on Musk’s Pay Package Vote

The upcoming Tesla Shareholder Meeting will feature a significant vote on CEO Elon Musk’s $56 billion pay package. One major investor plans to support it, despite a previous ruling by a Delaware judge against awarding the package to Musk. Scottish Mortgage, a long-term investor in Tesla, acknowledges Musk as a pivotal figure in the company’s success, emphasizing his leadership and vision on its website. Scottish Mortgage’s expressed support for Musk’s pay package indicates the potential consequences for Tesla if he does not receive it, including the risk of losing Musk and other demands he is striving to fulfill.

Board members, such as Robyn Denholm, and a strategic advisor hired by Tesla are working diligently to garner support for Musk’s pay package. The approval of the package is crucial for Tesla, as failure to do so could pose a significant risk for the company. Musk’s pay package, which had been previously approved and later contested, is of considerable importance to many investors. The company faces potential challenges if Musk does not receive what is perceived as his due compensation.

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