NVIDIA CEO Extols Tesla’s Significant Progress in Self-Driving Technology

Tesla’s developments in autonomous driving have been praised by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang in a recent interview with Yahoo! Finance. He stated that Tesla is far ahead in self-driving cars and emphasized that every car will eventually have autonomous capability for safety, convenience, and driving enjoyment.

Jensen noted the widespread development of driver assistance packages by many car companies around the world, which aim to improve safety and the driving experience. These packages include features like lane-keep assist, traffic-aware cruise control, and hands-free driving. Each company’s approach to developing these suites varies, and the way they capture data is crucial in determining their robustness.

Tesla uses video to capture the data needed to enhance its self-driving program, and Huang supports this approach, recognizing that learning from video directly is the most effective way to train these models. Tesla’s Autopilot suite has been revealed as one of the safest ways to operate a motor vehicle, according to data released by the company. After nearly a year without updates, Tesla recently released the latest iteration of its Vehicle Safety Report, showcasing the safety of its autonomous driving technology.

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