Tesla aims to rebuild Autopilot, self-driving, and robotics teams following layoffs.

Tesla is seeking to expand its workforce in the Autopilot, self-driving, and robotics divisions after carrying out significant layoffs in recent months. These layoffs were aimed at streamlining the company’s operations and conserving cash as it navigated a transitional phase ahead of the launch of the new Robotaxi platform. This resulted in the reduction of over ten percent of Tesla’s global workforce, which totaled approximately 140,000 employees. According to information from the Elon Musk biography released last year, Tesla’s approach to layoffs is to release employees until it becomes necessary to rehire some of them.

The company aims to ensure that the impact of the layoffs is sufficient, signaling that the right number of positions have been eliminated. As part of this strategy, Tesla has recently advertised job vacancies within its Autopilot and Robotics departments after removing all job postings in North America a month prior. The decision to expand its workforce in these specific areas suggests that Tesla is now in a position to reinvest in talent and expertise for its future growth and development plans. However, job listings in other categories outside of the START program remain largely unavailable as of the recent update.

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