Insight into the Performance of the Next-Generation Tesla Roadster Shared by Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, recently provided new information about the performance of the next-generation Roadster in a social media post. Musk emphasized that it would be unreasonable for Tesla to launch a Roadster with similar performance to the larger and heavier Tesla Model S Plaid.

According to a report by *The Information*, the Tesla team working on the new Roadster was surprised by Musk’s comments a few months ago, where he stated that the next-gen Roadster would have a 0-60 mph time of less than 1 second. In comparison, Musk had previously mentioned in May 2021 that the Roadster should reach 60 mph in around 1.1 seconds.

It would be absurd for the Roadster to achieve the same 0-60 mph time as the Model S, considering the Roadster is a two-door, performance-oriented vehicle. In response to the report, Musk dismissed it as coming from “The [Wrong] Information” and explained the rationale behind not creating a purpose-built, high-performance electric car that is on par with the company’s largest all-electric sedan.

In February 2024, Musk also revealed additional details about the next-generation Roadster, stating that it will be distinct from any other car on the road and could potentially redefine the concept of a car. If you have any news tips, feel free to contact us.

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