Tesla Model 3 Test Vehicle Spotted with Unique Camera Setup and No Side Mirrors

An apparent Tesla Model 3 test vehicle was recently spotted in Palo Alto, California, featuring an unconventional setup. The vehicle had been stripped of its side mirrors and equipped with cameras in unique locations, including two units mounted inside the cabin. Tesla enthusiasts took notice of the unusual camera placement, generating significant interest in the reengineered Model 3. The sighting revealed a refresh Model 3 without side mirrors and showcased new camera locations on the rear window, trunk, and side repeaters.

The car drew attention in Palo Alto, sparking discussions and speculation about the changes. Upon closer inspection, it became apparent that Tesla had altered the vehicle’s cameras on its front fenders and raised the camera on the trunk. Notably, two cameras were installed inside the cabin, positioned just behind the driver’s seat and seemingly pointing towards the rear windows. Consequently, Tesla enthusiasts shared speculations about the purpose of these modifications and their potential implications.

While Tesla has not officially addressed the recent spotting on social media, there is speculation that the company may be working on launching its Robotaxi service in China. This development could make China the first country to experience Tesla’s Robotaxi service, sparking further interest and anticipation in the electric car maker’s future endeavors.

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