Elon Musk updates release of Tesla Cybertruck FSD

Tesla Cybertruck drivers may have to wait longer before their all-electric pickup trucks receive Full Self Driving (FSD) capabilities, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed in a recent post. The Cybertruck is currently Tesla’s most advanced and expensive vehicle, but it has been delivered without FSD or Autopilot features, unlike the company’s more affordable cars.

As a result, Cybertruck owners have been inquiring about a tentative timeframe for the release of these features. Musk’s tweet indicated that Cybertruck FSD is “a few months away,” suggesting that the company is prioritizing FSD development for the rest of its vehicle fleet before focusing on the Cybertruck.

Prior to the Cybertruck’s unveiling, Tesla is likely directing its resources towards training and improving FSD for the upcoming Cybercab, requiring data collection from its existing S3XY lineup. Despite the drop in FSD price to $8,000, the absence of advanced driver-assist systems in the Cybertruck suggests that buyers may be receiving less than what they were expecting.

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