Tesla FSD (Supervised) V12.4 rollout set to begin next week

Tesla drivers can anticipate another update to their supervised Full Self-Driving experience in the near future, according to CEO Elon Musk. The rollout of the V12.4 update for the advanced driver-assist system is expected to begin as early as next week. Musk’s update was shared in a response on X, where he hinted at notable improvements for the upcoming updates of FSD (Supervised).

Earlier this week, Musk suggested that the latest version of Tesla’s supervised FSD would be impressive. In another post, Musk mentioned that FSD (Supervised) V12.4 has completely retrained models and may start rolling out next week. Musk also mentioned that Tesla is already working on FSD V12.5 and V12.6, which are in different stages of testing.

Moreover, the CEO highlighted that Tesla is venturing into complex driving situations, such as encountering road closures that require the vehicle to reverse and find an alternate route. In a tweet, Musk announced that Tesla will unveil a dedicated Robotaxi named “Cybercab” on August 8, 2024. FSD is expected to be a cornerstone for the “Cybercab,” a vehicle that could potentially drive Tesla’s next growth phase.

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