NHTSA Investigates Cadillac LYRIQ Electronic Brake Failures

The NHTSA investigation was initiated as a result of a review of early warning reports, as revealed by documents obtained by *Teslarati*. The potential problem will affect 3,322 units and involves a loss of brake assist and potential hindrance of ABS performance. The NHTSA provided a summary of the issue, stating that multiple reports had been received alleging loss of brake boost assist in MY2023 Cadillac LYRIQ vehicles, with complaints of a hard brake pedal and “Brake System Failure” message during startup or while driving.

General Motors has confirmed the early warning reports, indicating that the eBoost system’s internal spindle could fracture during an ABS event. The automaker has developed an over-the-air update to cycle the brake booster and detect spindle fractures. In the event of a fracture, warning lamps would illuminate, alerting the customer to bring the vehicle to a dealership for repair.

The NHTSA has opened a Preliminary Evaluation (PE) to assess the scope and severity of the potential problem and to fully evaluate safety-related issues. In a separate development, Cadillac’s LYRIQ model has seen considerable success and high demand, prompting General Motors to offer a $5,500 discount to drivers willing to be tracked.

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