Tesla teases extensive spring software update: unveiling its contents

Tesla has recently teased a number of upcoming features in an upcoming Spring software update. These include the latest Sentry Mode feature and more.

The company suggests that the vehicles will improve while owners sleep, as software updates can add new features to the electric vehicles, enhancing their performance. Over the years, Tesla has added several new features through software updates, ranging from small improvements and bug fixes.

The company’s larger offerings are often highly anticipated by owners. While Tesla is not known for pushing major Spring updates, it usually makes significant announcements with its annual holiday update.

The upcoming release is expected to include changes such as rear passengers being able to see current trip details, time, and temperature at the top of the rear touchscreen. The timing for the software update’s rollout is not yet clear, but it is anticipated to happen in the coming days.

What are your thoughts on these updates?

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