Tesla might pass on responsibility to an individual as executives leave the company.

This week has been tumultuous for Tesla employees, fans, and shareholders, with two top executives departing alongside widespread layoffs. One of the departing executives has hinted at who Tesla may plan to “pass the torch to” as they leave. Many have wished the departing executives well, including fellow Tesla employees. Tesla Director, Infrastructure Policy & Business Development Patrick Bean highlighted one of the departing executive’s accomplishments, to which the former executive suggested that Bean will be the one Tesla “passes the torch to” in their absence.

Bean’s role primarily focuses on managing Tesla’s global energy and EV charging policy, utility engagement, municipal engagement, and energy procurement efforts. His experience in Business Development and Public Policy suggests that he may overtake the former executive’s role, as hinted by the departing executive. The departing executive’s use of the phrase “in our absence” has led to speculation about the potential departure of other key executives from Tesla.

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