Lucid upgrades Air Grand Touring to increase range and faster charging.

Lucid Motors has updated the Air Grand Touring configuration, enhancing its range ratings with the inclusion of a heat pump and introducing new technologies to improve charging speed. This update aims to make the vehicles better, addressing the impact of cold weather on battery performance. The heat pump, described as operating “like air conditioning in reverse,” helps mitigate range loss in colder conditions, allowing the 2024 Air Grand Touring to deliver 516 miles of range. This addition, initially featured in the Sapphire configuration, is expected to provide drivers with more range in cold settings and enable sustained spirited driving, with improvements ranging from 15 to 30 percent.

Priced at $109,900, the Lucid Air Grand Touring configuration stands out as one of the most comprehensive offerings in Lucid’s lineup, boasting the industry’s longest EV range rating. The company is confident that these enhancements will entice drivers to consider switching to the Lucid Air. Despite more stringent EPA testing, the Air Grand Touring has maintained its 516-mile range estimate.

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