NASA Selects Three Potential Vehicles for Artemis V Moon Mission

NASA has selected three companies to compete for the opportunity to land the next-generation Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) for use during the Artemis V mission. The companies selected for the competition are Intuitive Machines, Lunar Outpost, and Astrolab. The decision on the winner will be made after a year-long feasibility study, and the contract is estimated to be worth $1.6 billion.

Intuitive Machines has been awarded $30 million for the feasibility study, the only company to disclose the amount received for the first phase. If selected, the total contract would be worth $1.7 billion, making it one of the highest bidders at $1.9 billion if selected. Meanwhile, SpaceX is aiming to land its Human Landing System Starship variant ahead of schedule during the Artemis IV mission.

The company has already demonstrated a full-scale working prototype in 2022. All three LTVs will also have autonomous operations capability, allowing for scientific studies between manned missions. When not in use by NASA, commercial companies will also be able to operate the LTVs for their own scientific missions.

Additionally, NASA could issue orders for another rover through at least 2039. Considering the potential of the Moon rovers, who do you think will ultimately win the contract to land the next generation Lunar Terrain Vehicle on the Moon?

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