Cybertruck engineer explains the exclusion of ‘Crab Walk’ feature from Tesla design.

The Cybertruck engineer, Wes Morrill, revealed that Tesla had considered adding the “Crab Walk” feature to the all-electric pickup, similar to the feature in the General Motors HUMMER EV. However, after testing and development, it was deemed not useful and described as a “clunky/awkward experience” by Morrill. The feature is operable only at very low speeds and has a limited use case, such as parallel parking.

Despite playing with the feature in development, the engineers found it to be impractical and lacking a real use case. There was a consideration that if the wheels could turn 90 degrees and slide sideways, it might have been more useful. Although the Cybertruck is known for its interesting features, including testing the “Crab Walk” feature outside of Giga Texas, it did not make it to the final design.

It appears that Tesla ultimately decided that the Cybertruck did not need the feature. The absence of the “Crab Walk” feature does not seem to have upset many Tesla fans. Overall, it does not seem that adding the feature would have made a significant difference to the Cybertruck’s appeal.

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