Elon Musk of Tesla hints at more affordable FSD monthly subscriptions

Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems to have hinted at the possibility of introducing more affordable monthly subscriptions for Full Self-Driving (FSD). A lower monthly rate for FSD is expected to boost the adoption of the advanced driver-assist system’s subscription service.

As of now, Musk has not unliked the post about Tesla owners’ FSD subscription. Initially, the FSD subscription was limited to vehicles with Tesla’s Hardware 3.0 or higher.

However, its premium pricing in 2021 sparked mixed reactions among Tesla owners, with many finding it too high for what FSD Beta offered then. This perception may have changed, as Tesla has begun the rollout of FSD (Supervised) V12, which has been receiving positive real-world reviews from drivers.

Musk has integrated FSD (Supervised) test rides into Tesla’s vehicle delivery process and introduced a free trial program for qualified vehicles in its existing fleet. Recently, Tesla’s FSD program has reached significant milestones, marking a step forward in its aim to obtain regulatory approval for the advanced driver-assist system.

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