Tesla Giga Berlin protesters plan to remain in treehouses indefinitely.

The Tesla protestors are currently living in treehouses in the forest surrounding Giga Berlin and have no plans to leave, stating that they will stay indefinitely. However, there are inherent dangers in living in the forest, and the Interior Minister of the region of Brandenburg, Michael Stübgen, has warned the protestors of potential risks, including the possibility of fires and “contamination with ammunition.”

Stübgen has expressed concern about potential dangers in the forest, such as explosives from past wars in the ground, which could increase the risk of a forest fire. Teams were sent out to inspect the land and remove potential threats, but similar issues remain on the forest grounds where the protestors are residing.

Stübgen comments, “We believe the threat is not just abstract…but rather concrete.” He emphasized the need to ensure the safety of the camp residents, forestry employees, police, and forest walkers.

The protestors view Stübgen’s comments as a threat to compel them to leave and are skeptical of his remarks. Environmental Minister Axel Vogel stated that there is no possibility of contamination of the forest floor or an increased risk of fire unless there is digging into the ground.

Vogel expressed contentment that Stübgen has offered to search for explosives or any remaining danger in the forest. Meanwhile, other parties have raised concerns about the protestors’ right to assemble.

Marlen Block of Landtag Brandenburg believes that the Interior Ministry does not want the protestors in the camp, but so far there have been no violent incidents resulting from the protests. As long as the fire risk is under control, the protestors are free to express their discontent with the factory’s expansion.

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