Tesla’s VP of Vehicle Engineering addresses worries regarding the new Model 3’s back seat area.

According to a Tesla executive, the updated all-electric sedan offers more trunk space than its predecessor without compromising rear seat space. Despite receiving critical acclaim, some reviewers have alleged that the new Model 3’s rear seat space is more cramped. Members of the EV community suggested that this change may be due to the new Model 3’s rear seats having better cushioning and a better recline angle. The executive refuted these claims by stating that efficiencies in the rear packaging increased trunk space, and the rear seat incline was improved for better comfort, with added cushion to the seat base.

This statement was echoed by Moravy in a post on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, where he noted that Tesla found efficiencies in the rear packaging to increase trunk space. The improvements in trunk and rear seats are just one aspect of the changes in the new Model 3. The front seats also saw notable updates, including ventilated front seats for increased comfort. Additionally, the new Model 3 features acoustic glass on all windows forward of the B-pillar, a change from the previous-generation Model 3.

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