France had to end a popular EV leasing incentive program due to overwhelming demand.

In a recent speech, President Emmanuel Macron praised a successful environmental initiative in France and described it as a positive outcome that aligns with the country’s environmental policies. The program, which offered European-built electric vehicles (EVs) to people for a nominal fee of €100 per month, garnered tremendous interest, receiving over 90,000 applications. The demand prompted an expansion of the program to include 50,000 vehicles, up from the initial 25,000 units available.

Participants in the program could lease EVs worth €47,000 at a significantly reduced price based on their income, with the French government subsidizing a maximum of €13,000 for each vehicle. However, the success of the initiative also revealed a challenge, as there was a shortage of domestically manufactured electric vehicles to meet the growing demand. Industry and Energy minister Roland Lescure expressed the need for French constructors to increase production or make a commitment to do so to meet the rising demand.

He highlighted the dual benefit of the program, emphasizing that it allowed access to affordable electric vehicles for people with limited financial means while also supporting the domestic production of French vehicles. Looking ahead, France plans to relaunch the program in 2025 to continue expanding the offer and increasing access to electric vehicles for a wider audience. Minister Lescure affirmed the government’s intention to initiate a new wave of orders in 2025, signaling a commitment to further develop and enhance the program in the coming years.

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