Explanation of Tesla Model 3’s unique shock-absorbing technology by company executive

The new Model 3 introduces several notable improvements, particularly in its cabin. Tesla’s use of acoustic glass on all the vehicle’s windows contributes significantly to its enhanced comfort.

Another key upgrade is the unique shock-absorbing technology called Frequency Selective Damping. This technology isolates shake frequencies in the 4-6 Hz range, resulting in improved ride comfort without compromising steering response.

As a result, it effectively diminishes the impact of small vibrations on the road. In his post, Lars Moravy highlighted the importance of understanding the human body and its resonance frequencies.

He emphasized the benefits of the Frequency Selective Damping technology in the new Model 3, which effectively eliminates minor road vibrations. Additionally, Moravy mentioned specific upgrades in the new model, such as the use of two microphones for phone calls to prevent echoes and the vehicle’s improved energy efficiency.

He outlined various factors that contribute to overall energy consumption, underscoring the company’s holistic approach to enhancing efficiency. For any news tips or inquiries, Moravy encouraged readers to reach out without hesitation.

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