Tesla reviews essential positions among its employees, according to report.

During Tesla’s Q4 and FY 2023 earnings call, executives warned that volume growth would be down this year amidst efforts to develop and release the next-generation platform. In 2016, a year before the Model 3 started its deliveries, Tesla had just about 17,782 workers. It should also be noted that Tesla’s overall workforce grew by about 10% in 2023 as the company attempted to achieve its ambitious goal of hitting 1.8 million vehicles during the year.

Tesla, for its part, has not issued a comment about *Bloomberg*‘s claims. However, the news appears to have had a positive impact on the company’s stock price, with shares climbing as much as 3% during Wednesday’s pre-market. TSLA stock is up 1.18% to $187.24 per share as of writing.

Elon Musk acknowledged during Tesla’s Q4 and FY 2023 earnings call that the company is currently between “two major growth waves.” Tesla’s first growth wave was from the Model 3 and Model Y, and the company is expecting its next growth wave to be pushed by the introduction of the next-generation platform. Tesla has adopted a strategic approach to workforce management over the years, implementing periodic layoffs while simultaneously recruiting for specific roles across the globe. *Don’t hesitate to contact us with news tips.

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