Tesla Powerwall rebates now offered in Queensland

The Queensland government recently launched the Battery Booster program and introduced rebates for battery energy storage systems. The Tesla Powerwall’s prices include GST but exclude delivery, installation, and other fees. The final price will be provided by the certified installer.

The Battery Booster program can offer up to AUD$4,000 in rebates based on household income. For qualified Queensland homeowners with a combined household income under AUD$180,000, a rebate of AUD$3,000 is available. The rebate increases to AUD$4,000 for households where the highest income earner earns $66,667 or less in the most recently ended financial year.

Tesla Australia and New Zealand’s X account recently shared information about Queensland’s battery rebates program. Certified installers are a key requirement to become eligible for the Battery Booster rebate program. The Queensland government will only provide rebates for batteries in its Approved Battery System list, and the installation must be carried out by companies from the Approved Installer list.

Tesla is on the Approved Battery System List and must work with an approved installer for Powerwall customers to avail of the AUD$3,000 or AUD$4,000 rebate. To be eligible for Queensland’s Battery Booster rebate program, the following requirements must be met:
– Be the owner of the Queensland residential property where the system will be installed
– Have a solar photovoltaic (PV) system with a minimum 5kW system capacity
– Obtain a quote and purchase the system on or after 12 February 2024
– Meet the income requirement of a combined household income below $180,000
– Agree to a safety inspection of the installation, to be performed by a government-appointed inspector. In addition to houses, the property can also be a community lot (e.g., townhouse or retirement village home) or a granny flat.

The property can be mortgaged, but the applicant must be the registered owner. If solar PV is not already installed, a new system can be added to the approved battery purchase. The battery system and installer must be on the approved lists at the time of application and installation.

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