Tesla advocate proposes $7M Super Bowl advertisement over $1k reduction in Model Y price.

On Sunday, BMW, Volkswagen, and KIA showcased their advertisements for the BMW i5, VW ID.Buzz, and the KIA EV9 during Super Bowl LVIII. The cost of a 30-second ad spot for this event averages about $7 million, a steep price but potentially worthwhile for automakers given the exposure to approximately 100 million viewers.

BMW’s star-studded ad with actor Christopher Walken, Volkswagen’s nostalgic ID.Buzz commercial, and KIA’s heartwarming EV9 advertisement highlighted their electric vehicle offerings, demonstrating the value they place on reaching a large audience. Tesla, however, did not have a presence in the Super Bowl ads this year, despite suggestions from some industry figures that it could have been a beneficial investment for the company.

Some industry analysts believe that Tesla could have reaped substantial benefits from a Super Bowl ad, with the potential to justify the cost through incremental sales. Additionally, there is a growing sentiment among EV fans and Tesla investors in support of the idea, as it could help raise awareness about Tesla’s vehicles and features, which are still unfamiliar to many conventional car buyers.

Despite being absent from this year’s Super Bowl ad lineup, Tesla has generated fan-made commercials over the years that some argue could have been suitable for such an event. With increasing calls for Tesla to advertise, it’s clear that the voices advocating for the company to explore this avenue are becoming more prominent.

Overall, the Super Bowl showcased major automotive brands’ commitment to promoting their electric vehicles, while also sparking discussions about the potential benefits of a Tesla Super Bowl ad.

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