Manager of Tesla Giga Berlin ready to resume Model Y production

The production of the best-selling all-electric crossover is set to restart from February 12, 2024, with the electric vehicle maker having the necessary security that all essential production parts are available in sufficient quantities. The Giga Berlin plant manager shared several insights into the facility’s operations and achievements. The headcount in the facility has increased to 12,500 employees, and there was a notable output of 6,000 Tesla Model Y in one week before the temporary production halt.

Despite the halt, the plant manager expressed confidence that the facility’s Model Y production would not significantly set back Tesla’s efforts to ramp up vehicle production. The community was surprised by the posts, as Tesla had been relatively quiet about Giga Berlin’s output. The plant manager’s post reflected a sense of pride in the achievements and the acknowledgment of the workforce’s dedication in pioneering and building the facility’s success.

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