Tesla introduces new steering yoke with improved build quality and physical center horn.

The new steering yoke for the Model S and Model X has undergone several enhancements. It now features a center horn, improved stitching, and an overall improvement in build quality. A picture of the updated steering yoke was shared on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter).

The stitches in the new yoke appear to be thicker and more durable, addressing concerns from the initial version. The original controversial steering system had several areas for improvement, including the small capacitive horn button at the top right side of the yoke, which was prone to accidental presses. The return of the center horn and the improved build quality in the updated steering yoke have been positively received by EV advocates.

It is noteworthy that all cars made since November now have a push center for the horn, with only a firmware update pending. In addition to the issues with the horn button, Tesla Model S and Model X owners noted that the material of the original yoke tended to peel over time. It is hoped that these issues are fully resolved with the updated yoke.

Furthermore, based on shared videos, the physical center horn has been introduced to the standard round steering wheel in the Model S and Model X as well, demonstrating a wider application of the enhancement. Overall, the unveiling of the updated steering yoke has addressed various concerns and appears to have garnered positive feedback from Tesla owners and EV enthusiasts.

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