Tesla Launches Next-Gen Powerwall 3 Orders on Its Website

At the time of writing, the Powerwall 3 is not available in Canada, Mexico, Europe, or Asia. The Powerwall 3 is designed for easy installation and high power, making it suitable as an uninterruptible power supply for most homes.

This ensures that the lights stay on and all devices can be powered during a power outage. This is the first time that the Powerwall 3 can be purchased through the Tesla website, and it seems that the Powerwall 2 is no longer available for purchase.

One major difference from the Powerwall 2 is that the Powerwall 3 includes a built-in solar inverter and system controller, which the previous generation did not have. Tesla also states that the Powerwall 3 is scalable up to four units, while the Powerwall 2 is scalable up to 10 units.

This makes it a potentially better option for large-scale commercial projects that may or may not also require the built-in solar inverter. [Tesla’s California Virtual Power Plant has quietly ramped to an estimated 5.7k homes]

[September 8, 2023]

*Updated 4:06 pm MT: Corrected Powerwall 2 “On-Grid Power” in the chart to say 5 kW, after incorrectly writing 5 kWh.


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