Europe takes a potential step forward as Tesla launches FSD Beta

Tesla has been working on releasing FSD Beta in Europe for some time. The company hinted at preparing to roll out FSD Beta to more European drivers in the owner’s manuals released in November 2023. The UNECE’s next session in Geneva from March 5 to 8, 2024, could clarify regulations on DCAS features, helping Tesla roll out FSD Beta faster. The Proposal for a new UN Regulation on Driver Control Assistance was recently added to the UNECE’s provisional agenda at item 4.12.1.

If the UNECE adopts the proposal, the regulation could be implemented as early as September 2024, paving the way for Tesla FSD Beta’s launch in Europe. The UNECE classifies DCAS as a subset of ADAS due to its ability to stabilize or maneuver vehicles while active. The proposed regulation builds on UN Regulation No.79, adopted in 2018, and covers a broader range of ADAS technologies. It will enable the approval of DCAS features, including assistance in braking, accelerating, and overtaking.

The UNECE states that the DCAS regulation will not cover full driving automation. Manufacturers will be required to implement strategies ensuring drivers fully understand the extent and limitations of DCAS capabilities and develop features that ensure drivers remain engaged while driving with DCAS activated.

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