Toyota expresses regret over the emerging “anti-EV” label: “We are just being realistic”

In recent years, Toyota has expressed reservations about completely transitioning to all-electric vehicles and has faced accusations of lobbying against pro-EV legislation. Toyota Australia’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Sean Hanley, has countered these claims, stating that the Japanese automaker is not opposed to electric vehicles.

Toyota maintains a strategy that includes the release of battery electric vehicles, hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles alongside conventional combustion-powered cars, despite other automakers fully committing to an all-electric future. Hanley conveyed Toyota’s enthusiasm for being part of the EV transition, emphasizing that the company sees electric vehicles as playing a role in achieving carbon neutrality, but not as the sole solution.

He also pointed to the top three diesel-powered vehicles with a combined 155,000 sales in Australia in 2023 as evidence that the market determines consumer preferences. Hanley stressed Toyota’s commitment to reducing carbon footprint and the company’s responsibility to meet consumer demands for capability with environmentally friendly vehicles.

He emphasized the importance of being realistic and transparent with the market, debunking the notion that Toyota is anti-BEV. The executive’s comments about the market determining reality were notable.

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