Rivian R1Ts ‘camuflados’ avistados realizando pruebas de frío en Alaska

Rivian R1T pickup trucks were seen undergoing cold weather testing in Fairbanks, Alaska. The trucks were wrapped in camouflage, suggesting that they could be R1T refresh models.

Many believe that Rivian is testing a heat pump for improved winter performance. Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation encourages companies to conduct cold weather testing in the area due to its extreme winter conditions.

The spotted Rivians were covered in camouflage in -25°F weather, showcasing the region’s harsh climate. Fairbanks, known for its lengthy and frigid winters, is considered an Arctic Tundra and is situated near the Arctic Circle, making it an ideal location for extreme weather testing.

According to the Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation’s website, the cold season in Fairbanks lasts at least 6 months every year, providing ample time for evaluation and testing. The city experiences extremely low temperatures, with temperatures below -34°C (-30°F) being typical from December to February.

Reports indicate that the tip about Rivian’s cold weather testing came from a reliable source.

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