Volkswagen America Acknowledged as a Top Employer for 2024

“We are delighted to receive recognition for our dedication to exceptional human resources practices. The Tops Employers Institute evaluates companies based on a Human Resources Best Practices Survey and looks closely at People Practices across six HR categories: Steer, Shape, Attract, Develop, Engage, and Unite. The infographic below highlights the key aspects of each category that the Institute examines.

At our company, we have implemented various initiatives that offer numerous benefits to our employees. These initiatives include improving worker experiences, providing favorable lease rates, and offering attractive terms of employment. We have also adopted a people-first HR strategy, which not only helps us attract new talent but also enables us to retain our top performers.

“We strongly believe in the power of diversity and work towards harnessing it to drive our success. We take great pride in being recognized for our efforts in fostering a culture of trust and inclusion. This culture empowers our employees to grow, be acknowledged, flourish, and achieve prosperity,” said Kelechi Ikemefuna, VWGoA’s Head of Diversity & Talent.

The Tops Employers Institute awards three types of certifications to companies: red for country/region certificates, gold for global certificates, and blue for regional certificates. VWGoA has received a red certification, highlighting our commitment to excellence in human resources practices. Additionally, Volkswagen de Mexico S.A de C.V. has also been certified by the Top Employer Institute.

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