Giga Texas Spots The Boring Company’s Prufrock

Drone operator, Joe Tegtmeyer, recently spotted TBC’s Prufrock being assembled at Tesla Giga Texas. This sighting suggests that TBC will soon begin digging underneath Tesla’s headquarters, with the intention of transporting freshly manufactured cars within Giga Texas for customer deliveries. It is uncertain which of the three available Prufrock machines TBC will utilize for this project. Joe Tegtmeyer shared images of the Prufrock assembly on social media and promised to release a video with more details later.

The Prufrock machine boasts improved speed and efficiency compared to its predecessors. With a design capable of boring a tunnel at a rate of over 1 mile per week, it is six times faster than TBC’s previous TBM, Godot+. The Boring Company aims for Prufrock to surpass 1/10th of human walking speed, equivalent to 7 miles per day. There has been speculation in the past about Elon Musk considering the idea of connecting all his Texas-based companies through Boring Company tunnels. Given that many of these companies have headquarters in the state, this speculation adds further intrigue to the project.

While the exact timeline for the tunnel’s completion remains undisclosed, it is evident that this project signifies a significant advancement in Tesla’s pursuit of innovation and efficiency. The involvement of The Boring Company brings both technical expertise and an additional level of curiosity. This tunnel will not only serve as a transportation route; it will serve as a testament to pushing the boundaries of what is achievable.

If anyone has any tips or information about the project, they can contact Joe Tegtmeyer at [email protected] or via X.

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