Elon Musk Prefers Developing AI Outside of Tesla Without New Compensation Package

Elon Musk’s comments have sparked a discussion about his potential compensation package and the possibility of him developing crucial technology outside of Tesla if his voting share is not increased. While many investors acknowledge Musk’s integral role in Tesla’s success, the situation becomes more complex due to his lower ownership share. Despite this, the company has continued to thrive under Musk’s guidance, and he has expressed his desire for more influence over its direction. He stated, “I am uncomfortable growing Tesla to be a leader in AI & robotics without having ~25% voting control.” Musk added that he would prefer to build products outside of Tesla if he does not have sufficient voting control.

Currently, Musk holds between a 12 and 13 percent ownership stake in Tesla. Although the company is primarily seen as an automotive company, it has also made significant advancements in energy, robotics, and AI. Musk believes that his current ownership stake is insufficient for him to continue driving Tesla forward. In response to the idea that stock ownership alone should be motivating, Musk pointed out that other major stakeholders, such as Fidelity, hold similar stakes but do not actively participate in the company’s operations.

Opinions among Tesla fans and Musk’s followers on X are divided. A majority of people are supportive of Musk having more control, recognizing the impact he has had on Tesla’s progress. However, some individuals express conflicting views, highlighting his previous sale of Tesla stock to acquire other platforms and its negative impact on Tesla’s value. Musk’s comments on X have generated significant debate and could potentially lead to significant developments in the future. To retain Musk’s presence in the company, Tesla’s Board of Directors may need to consider increasing his ownership stake and providing additional performance-based incentives.

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