Tesla’s Infotainment System Hacked at Pwn2Own, Securing $100,000 Prize

The Infotainment System was compromised by the group Synacktiv at the Pwn2Own event, confirming the hack with an image and message which was shared on social media. The organization that runs Pwn2Own, the Zero Day Initiative, reported that Synacktiv successfully hacked the Tesla Infotainment System using a 2-bug chain and earned $100,000 for the hack and 10 Master of Pwn points.

Pwn2Own is an event that helps companies identify weaknesses in their security systems to enhance their protection for their products and customers. On Day 3 of the event, no Tesla systems were hacked, but Synacktiv successfully infiltrated a Sony media receiver, earning more money and Master of Pwn points for the competition. At the end of Day 3, Synacktiv was leading with 50 points, while second-place fuzzware.io had 25.5 points. Synacktiv has accumulated $450,000 in prizes so far.

Synacktiv is known for compromising Tesla vehicles at the event in previous years and this year’s successful hacks demonstrate their advanced skills in infiltrating various systems.

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