Tesla Announces the Arrival of the New Model 3 Performance Configuration

In early 2024, Tesla made the decision to remove the Performance configuration from the list of available trims for the Model 3, despite it being the most expensive option offered. It was, however, still eligible for the EV Tax Credit. At that time, only the Rear-Wheel-Drive and Long Range variants were available, with no finalized plans for a Performance version, even with the global rollout of the new Model 3 ‘Highland’.

Recently, it has been confirmed that Tesla is indeed planning to release a Performance configuration for the new Model 3, as indicated by comments from Martin Viecha, the automaker’s Director of Investor Relations. The confirmation came in response to a video posted by James May, known for his work on *Top Gear* until 2015, who had taken delivery of a new Tesla. Viecha’s comments on the video suggested that a Performance Model 3 would be coming out in the future, without providing a specific timeline.

In addition, there have been rumors circulating about the possibility of a Plaid or Ludicrous version of the Model 3, based on leaks and speculations. The Parts Catalog in October hinted at a potential Plaid version of the Model 3, which was described to include different front seats with bolstered side support and headrest.

The Model 3 Performance, when available, was known for its affordability, speed, and acceleration, providing owners with the opportunity to experience one of the fastest and most high-tech EVs on the market. Tesla’s decision to remove this configuration initially was met with interest and anticipation for its potential return.

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