Wedbush Suggests 10 Turnaround Strategies for Tesla to Bounce Back

Analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush, who has been consistently optimistic about the stock, stood out as a prominent figure on Wall Street during discussions following the Earnings Call. There was uncertainty about the company’s future margins and production outlook. On Thursday morning, Ives remarked, “This was 101 how to not to do a conference call.” Wedbush also removed Tesla stock from its “Best Ideas List.” Ives proposed ten ways for Tesla to improve its stock performance, such as announcing a $10 billion share buyback, restructuring to give Elon Musk more control, and setting hittable production/delivery timelines.

Ives’ suggestions aim to address investor skepticism following the Earnings Call. Notably, he emphasizes the negative impact of price cuts on Tesla’s profits, despite their appeal to consumers.

These changes could help alleviate concerns and clarify the company’s direction.

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