First EV Race Car to Make Debut in Next Month’s NASCAR Event

The organization has confirmed earlier this week that it will bring the EV prototype to the Clash, an event that traditionally kicks off the NASCAR season. This EV prototype has been undergoing testing measures and is set to make its debut at the event.

NASCAR has continuously made modifications to its stock cars over the years, focusing on driver safety and enhancing competition. While the sport has evolved and lost some star power, the debut of the EV racecar marks a potential move toward modernization for NASCAR.

However, the traditional mindset of “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” still prevails among OEMs such as Ford and Chevrolet. They view the cars used in races as a means of advertising to fans, hoping that a victory on the track will translate to sales in the showroom, encouraging fans to purchase new vehicles.

Another crucial aspect is the preference of NASCAR fans for the roar of engines. Many fans attend races specifically to experience the noise of the engines, leading some to believe that zero-carbon or electrification may not be well-received. David Wilson, Group VP and President of Toyota Racing Development in the U.S., expressed that hydrogen may be more suited to motorsports as compared to battery electric, as fans may not embrace the absence of engine noise.

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