Tesla Semi jobs now available, including positions in Sparks, Nevada

The Tesla Semi jobs are located in three different places: Sparks, Nevada; Palo Alto, California; and Austin, Texas. This information was shared by Ale𝕏andra Merz on Twitter.

On January 23, 2024, new job postings for the Semi were made available. These new jobs include Service Technicians, which are meant to support the growth of the Semi Service Program. There are a total of 86 job postings in the Semi department.

The Tesla Semi jobs in Nevada are related to the company’s construction project at its Sparks gigafactory. It has been reported that Tesla plans to build a high-volume Semi production plant at the Sparks site. Therefore, the job openings in Nevada are mainly focused on construction and getting the plant up and running. Some of the job titles include Construction Superintendent, Sr. Architect, Controls Engineering Lead, and Construction Project Manager. The job description for the Construction Superintendent position provides more details about Tesla’s plans in Sparks. It emphasizes the fast-paced and exciting environment, and the company’s commitment to advancing energy sustainability.

In summary, Tesla is hiring for Tesla Semi jobs in Nevada, California, and Texas. The Nevada jobs are specifically related to the construction project at the Sparks gigafactory, while the job postings in other locations were not mentioned in the provided text.

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