Hyundai and Kia Introduce ‘Active Air Skirt’ Technology to Boost Electric Vehicle Performance

According to South Korean automakers, they have developed a technology called Active Air Skirt (AAS) to control turbulence in electric vehicles (EVs) during high-speed driving. This new technology aims to minimize aerodynamic resistance caused by air flow through the lower part of an EV’s bumper. By doing so, it is expected to improve high-speed driving, resulting in a better driving range and increased stability.

Hyundai Motor Group’s Vice President and Head of Mobility Body Development Group, Sun Hyung Cho, stated that the AAS technology is particularly beneficial for models like SUVs, where improving aerodynamic performance is challenging. The technology is designed to operate at speeds over 80 km/h and under certain conditions, it can even function at speeds over 200 km/h. This is made possible by the application of rubber material on the lower part, which helps reduce the risk of external objects splashing and damaging the vehicle while driving at high speeds, ensuring durability.

Test results have shown that the AAS technology was able to improve the drag of a Genesis vehicle by 2.8%, leading to an estimated range improvement of about 6 km. Encouraged by these results, Hyundai and Kia have applied for a patent related to their AAS technology in both South Korea and the United States. The companies are now considering mass production of the technology after conducting durability and performance tests.

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