Registrations of Tesla China insurance jump by 58% to reach 11,700 in the third week of January.

Tesla China’s weekly sales figures are not officially shared by the company. However, insurance registrations can provide some insight into how well the company is performing in the Chinese market. Li Auto, an electric vehicle maker, tracks and publishes China’s insurance figures on a weekly basis. According to their recent data, 11,700 Tesla vehicles were registered in China during the week of January 15-21. This represents a 58.11% improvement from the previous week’s registrations of 7,400.

Based on this information, it can be estimated that Tesla China has sold about 22,400 vehicles domestically from January 1-21, 2024. This is quite impressive considering that the company had focused on exporting cars at the beginning of the month. Local sales showed improvement in the second week of January, with insurance registrations rising to 7,400, a 131.25% increase. This week (January 15-21) is the highest third week of a quarter to date. Tesla China may see potential growth of 34% quarter-over-quarter and 0.2% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2024.

Gary Black, on the social media platform X, reported that China saw very strong insured registrations of 11.7K vehicles in the week of January 15-21. He mentioned that this was the highest third week of the quarter ever, indicating positive growth for the first quarter of 2024. Tesla China has been performing well recently, following strong sales of 94,139 vehicles in December 2023, with 75,805 being sold domestically. Giga Shanghai remains Tesla’s primary vehicle export hub and the company’s largest factory, with a total of 947,742 vehicles sold last year.

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