Resumption of Tesla Model 3 Highland deliveries in Australia anticipated within a week

The Texas-based automaker, Tesla, has sent a letter to customers in Australia who have been affected by a delivery delay for their Model 3 reservation. The letter provided an update on the situation and expressed gratitude for the customers’ patience. Tesla stated that they expect deliveries to resume in the coming week and assured customers that their orders would be prioritized for delivery. The company apologized for the inconvenience caused and expressed their commitment to getting customers behind the wheel of their Model 3 as soon as possible.

The reason for the delivery pause was due to a potential breach in compliance with the Australian Design Rules (ADR). Specifically, the upgraded Tesla Model 3 did not have an accessible rear seat top-tether anchor point as required by the ADR rules. This anchor point is used to securely attach car seats for children.

Tesla’s deliveries in Australia have faced challenges in recent months. If anyone has any tips or information regarding this matter, they are encouraged to contact Maria at [email protected] or via X.

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