Redwood Materials’ Ambitious Goal: Establishing Battery Production in the US

Redwood Materials recently shared an announcement on X regarding the significant contribution of cathode material to the overall costs of a battery cell. The company revealed its plans to construct a massive cathode plant at their Nevada Campus, with a capacity of producing over 1 million electric vehicles (EVs) per year. Redwood Materials aims to minimize construction costs and shorten the build time through innovative engineering practices in the plant’s design and development. Their ultimate goal is to strengthen supply chains in North America and reduce dependence on battery components from foreign countries.

The objectives of Redwood Materials align perfectly with the goals of the Biden Administration. As part of their expansion plans for the McCarran site in Nevada, the battery recycling company is seeking a billion-dollar loan. This loan would support the establishment of a recycling production facility capable of processing lithium-ion battery materials. Additionally, it would aid in the production of anode copper foil and cathode materials.

The McCarran site of Redwood Materials is located around 24 miles east of Sparks, Nevada, where the prominent Tesla and Panasonic gigafactory is situated. This proximity to other key players in the battery industry further strengthens Redwood Materials’ position in the market.

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