Report: Union Chair Ready to Expel Tesla from Sweden to Resign

Gideonsson, an official from the LO (Swedish Trade Union Confederation), acknowledged that while it would be unfortunate, it is not out of the realm of possibility for the conflict between IF Metall and Tesla to escalate. Other unions within the LO have already initiated sympathy strikes against Tesla in support of IF Metall. This news comes amidst reports that Susanna, the chairperson of the LO, has decided to resign from her position in the spring. Susanna was expected to seek re-election in May, so her decision to step down suggests a change of mind. In an interview with DN (Dagens Nyheter), Susanna cited the difficulties she faced during 2023 and expressed a desire to invest in her personal life and have a normal home life. She has had a long career in political and trade union work, and her tenure as LO chairperson began in the midst of the pandemic, requiring her to navigate a divided organization. When asked about her proudest achievements during her time as chairperson, Susanna mentioned the union’s progress in maintaining collective agreements during EU-mandated minimum wage requirements and the acknowledgment that climate change is also a trade union issue. However, if the conflict between Tesla and the trade union extends without resolution, Susanna may leave her post at LO with unfinished business.

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