Dave Morin, founder of Path and VC firm Slow Ventures, recently tweeted about his experience of being a new Model 3 owner.

He said that after two days of driving in his Tesla Model 3, “it is, by far, the single best product I have ever experienced”.


When asked by a user if the Tesla Model 3 felt like a “step down from” the Model S or if he missed anything, Morin replied that the Model 3 “is better than the Model S.”

When asked for more reasons why he though the Model S was “better” than the Model S, Morin replied, “Some things in life can’t be explained in words, you just have to experience them. The entire feeling is better, it’s really extraordinary.”

Also when asked if the Model 3 felt “cheap” compared to the Model S, Morin replied “No, it felt better”.

What’s significant about Dave Morin’s comments on the Model 3 is that he’s catching something about the Model 3 that many people are missing, namely that the Model 3 is an epic achievement and one of the greatest consumer products in recent history.

We covered Jason Calacanis’ comments recently in this article, Investor Jason Calacanis: “Model 3 is best tech product since the iPhone”, but he is also another person who is grasping how significant and important the Model 3 is.

In fact, most of the reviews I’ve read on the Model 3 by others miss the essence of the Model 3 and pass it off as a “good” or “great” car.  But they fail to understand how amazing and significant the car really is.

In coming articles I’ll cover more on this topic and why most people are not understanding the epic greatness of the Model 3 (hint: there are similarities in why most people didn’t understand the epic greatness of the iPhone when it first came out).

This morning InsideEVs published their January estimates of how many electric vehicles each manufacturer has sold in the U.S.

Tesla doesn’t not publish monthly sales figures, but rather reports deliveries on a quarterly basis.  So, InsideEVs uses their own method to estimate deliveries:

We never know for sure what the monthly numbers total up to until Tesla’s quarterly (or annual) updates add more clarity. However, we do our best to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening.

To come to an estimated monthly number, we don’t simply take the quarterly estimate given by Tesla and divide it by 3 and hope it all works out. This is surely not how it works in the real world. We simply report from the data we accumulate ourselves, including first-hand accounts available from the factory and from the community itself.

Historically, while InsideEVs hasn’t been exact on monthly Tesla deliveries in the past, their estimates have been generally in the ballpark and provide useful information.

Most notable, InsideEVs estimates that Tesla has delivered 1,875 Model 3s in January.

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