Investor Jason Calacanis has been driving his Model 3 for 6 months. And in response to a raving LA Times review of the Model 3, Jason called the Model 3 “the best tech product since the iPhone”.

In response to the question, “Any features you wish you had or don’t need? For example, is the 300 mile battery necessary?” Jason replied: “The 300+ mile battery is insane and delightful.”

Jason Calacanis also calls the Model 3 “underrated” even with the amazing reviews that have come out regarding the car.

In my opinion, Jason is right on. There have been many reviews on the Model 3 and even though many rave about the car, I think they underplay how significant and amazing the Model 3 is.

The Model 3, in my opinion, is even a more amazing product than the Model S when one considers the price point of the Model 3. In the long-range Model 3, one gets over 300 mile range (75kWh battery!) in a car that’s drives like a dream, and all for $44,000. This is truly incredible and mind-blowing. What Tesla has accomplished is nothing short of amazing. And this is why the Model 3 truly is the greatest tech product since the iPhone.

If you’re looking for more comments on the Model 3 by Jason Calacanis, check out this CleanTechnica article from several months ago.

My Initial Impressions on the Model 3

I took delivery of my new Model 3 about a week ago and I am thoroughly impressed.

The Model 3 is an amazing car. First, the car looks and feels like a Tesla. I’m glad that they kept many of the exterior design features of the Model S as the Model 3 looks like a slightly smaller Model S. Driving the cars feels like vintage Tesla. Instant torque, seamless acceleration, and great handling. In fact, since the Model 3 is a smaller car, it handles curves much more adeptly than its big brother the Model S. Under 60mph, the Model 3 is a much more fun and nimble car to drive. At the end of every day this past week I was left thinking, “Wow! This is a great car!”

The interior of the Model 3 is the future of Tesla interior design. I personally think they nailed the interior design and it feels great inside. The seats feel great. The simplicity in design is stunning. I was quickly able to get used to the 15” center screen and wasn’t bothered by the lack of a driver console screen. Some people online have complained about how some of the functions work on the 15” screen, but I know all of the software can and will be improved upon. What they have right now is a fantastic start and is more than capable.

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