Tesla Model 3 has the lowest complaint rate among China’s top-selling sedans in Q1.

The Tesla Model 3 has demonstrated its reliability in China. Tesla Global Vice President Grace Tao highlighted in a Weibo post that the Model 3 had the lowest complaint rate among China’s best-selling sedans in the first quarter.

This achievement reflects well on the quality of vehicles produced at Giga Shanghai, emphasizing the Model 3’s status as Tesla’s first true mass market car and its role in making the company a household name. Despite being overshadowed by the Model Y crossover as the world’s best-selling car last year, the reengineered Model 3 has received a warm reception from reviewers and consumers since its launch in China last year.

With Tesla having refined the Model 3 formula over the years, it’s unsurprising that the vehicle achieved the lowest complaint rate among China’s best-selling sedans. It’s important to note that Teslas differ from vehicles made by traditional automakers, and over-the-air updates have been used to address safety recalls.

Tesla’s unique features contribute to a user experience that few automakers can match today.

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