Tesla Giga Berlin to halt vehicle production for five days in June.

Recent reports have indicated that Tesla Giga Berlin will halt vehicle production for several days in June. The shutdown is said to be for the purpose of streamlining factory processes and preparing for upcoming challenges. The production pause is expected to affect the facility’s vehicle and powertrain manufacturing sections on specific dates in June 2024.

Notably, Giga Berlin’s casting, plasma, and cell areas will reportedly continue operations during the shutdown. Tesla Germany has not officially commented on the reported production halt. However, a mention of Giga Berlin’s cell facilities in a report by *Handelsblatt* has sparked interest within the electric vehicle community.

The continuation of cell production during the shutdown may signify the facility’s commencement of battery production activities. Giga Berlin has already experienced a number of vehicle production pauses this year, including a stoppage following an attack, which prompted CEO Elon Musk to call for the perpetrators to be apprehended. The shutdown in May was pre-planned and aimed to pave the way for facility optimizations.

Despite the upcoming production pause, the Giga Press section and cell production will remain operational. It has been suggested that the Model Y’s “Project Juniper” upgrade is expected to be rolled out towards the end of 2024.

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