Tesla Enhances Adaptive Headlights and HVAC Functions

Tesla has released Software Version 2024.20, which introduces various enhancements, including improvements to the adaptive headlights. One notable aspect of the update is the HVAC enhancement designed specifically for the Cybertruck, benefitting drivers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Korea. An intriguing feature of this update is the improvement to the adaptive headlights, which aims to address the challenge of using headlights on freeways at night due to the high frequency of oncoming traffic. Tesla’s Matrix LED headlights will now dim certain pixels to maintain visibility for the driver without causing glare for oncoming vehicles.

Additionally, the update includes enhancements to the vehicle’s high-voltage battery temperature regulation, enhancing charging performance at Superchargers. Moreover, the air conditioning system for the Cybertruck has been adjusted to operate more quietly and less conspicuously. This latest software update, 2024.20, is currently being rolled out, with one of its key highlights being the adaptation of headlights for curves in the road ahead for drivers in the specified regions.

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