Lucid Air Sapphire Earns Title of ‘Best Sedan in the World’ in Latest Review

In a recent video, a prominent tech and electric vehicle (EV) reviewer praised the expensive Lucid Air as “the best sedan in the world” and “one of the best sedans ever made.” The reviewer, Brownlee, expressed admiration for the EV’s exterior, interior, and performance, describing it as “incredible.” He emphasized that the Lucid Air belongs to the ultra-luxury segment due to its price tag of around $250,000 and highlighted its range, storage, build quality, tech features, and driving feel as qualities that justify its positioning in that segment. Brownlee also contrasted the Lucid Air with the Tesla Model S Plaid, stating that while the Model S Plaid is a solid daily driver, it is essentially an improved version of the Model S. In contrast, he viewed the Sapphire as a distinct and exceptional offering within the EV market.

Despite his preference for Tesla vehicles as daily drivers, he expressed a high regard for the Lucid Air, claiming that it would be his second choice if he were to daily drive a non-Tesla EV. He commended the Lucid Air’s driving capabilities, highlighting its impressive range of 400 miles and the absence of any significant drawbacks in the vehicle. Brownlee’s review underscores his belief that the Lucid Air is the top sedan currently available, emphasizing its exceptional performance and overall appeal. Additionally, Brownlee has previously reviewed the Lucid Air Grand Touring trim in 2022 and has evaluated various other EVs over the years.

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