Waymo to expand driverless rides to seven more Bay Area cities

Waymo, the driverless ride-hailing company owned by Google parent company Alphabet, is planning to start testing in several new cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. This expansion comes after the company’s recent approval for testing in these areas. Initially, the testing will only be available to Waymo employees, but the company aims to eventually offer the service to customers and provide paid rides. The approval for testing in the new cities marks a significant step for Waymo as it continues to develop and expand its autonomous driving technology.

This move also indicates the company’s confidence in its ability to operate in more diverse urban environments. The expansion into new cities within the San Francisco Bay Area reflects Waymo’s commitment to further integrating driverless technology into everyday transportation. By extending its testing to these areas, Waymo aims to gather valuable data and insights to enhance the safety and efficiency of its autonomous driving system. Overall, Waymo’s decision to test in new cities within the San Francisco Bay Area demonstrates its ongoing progress and determination to bring autonomous ride-hailing services to a wider audience.

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