Tesla’s Strategy to Train Self-Driving Algorithm Using Data Center in China: Report

According to a new report, Tesla is making plans to utilize a data center in China to train its self-driving algorithm as part of its ongoing development of fully autonomous electric vehicles. The company has received approval for its Full Self-Driving suite in China and intends to shift some of its data processing to the region. Following the approval, Tesla is reportedly looking to establish a data center, as revealed by two individuals familiar with the project.

One source indicated that Tesla has been in discussions with Nvidia regarding the potential purchase of graphic processing units for the Chinese data processing center. The idea of using a data center in China gained traction after Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, visited Premier Li Qiang in China. The report also highlighted the strong and prosperous relationship between Tesla and China, particularly since the establishment of the production facility near Shanghai.

Yale Zhang, Managing Director at Automotive Foresight, a consultancy firm based in Shanghai, emphasized China’s significant role in the expansion of electric vehicle (EV) production for Tesla through the Shanghai factory.

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