Tesla’s Cyberhammer limited edition now available for purchase at $700

The Tesla Cybertruck-inspired “Cyberhammer” sledgehammer is making a return, and this time, enthusiasts of the electric vehicle manufacturer can acquire this limited edition item for a premium price. The Cyberhammer is currently listed in the Tesla Shop with a price of $700, a departure from its previous availability as a referral award where customers had to spend 35,000 referral credits to obtain it.

Despite now being available for purchase, Tesla has indicated that only 800 units of this limited-edition premium item will be produced. Given its exclusivity, it would not be surprising if the Cyberhammer becomes a sought-after collectible, much like the Not-a-Flamethrower, with potential resales on platforms like eBay.

While it is a fully functional sledgehammer, Tesla advises customers not to use it on hard surfaces. [March 21, 2024]
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