SpaceX Unveils First EVA Suits for Polaris Dawn Mission

SpaceX has unveiled its first-ever Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Suits intended for use on the upcoming Polaris Dawn mission. Set for later this Summer, the Polaris Dawn mission will mark the first time a commercial astronaut crew engages in a spacewalk.

The newly designed EVA suits incorporate a special visor to reduce glare and an integrated heads-up display for critical information display, such as temperatures and pressures. Additionally, the suits feature “thermal management textiles” and utilize materials from the Falcon 9 interstage and Dragon’s trunk.

The Polaris Dawn mission crew, consisting of Commander Jared Isaacman, Pilot Scott Poteet, Mission Specialist Sarah Gillis, and Mission Specialist/Medical Officer Anna Menon, will conduct the first-ever commercial astronaut spacewalk at an altitude of approximately 700 kilometers above Earth. Notably, this will mark the furthest humans have ventured in space since a Space Shuttle crew conducted maintenance on the Hubble Space Telescope.

During the spacewalk, all four astronauts will be simultaneously exposed to the vacuum of space, representing a historic occurrence. Further development and testing of the EVA suits could potentially lead to Starlink satellites offering communication support to Moon and Mars missions.

The Polaris Dawn mission represents just the first in a series of three planned missions, ultimately aimed at culminating in a launch aboard Starship when regular and safe operations commence. Enthusiasts are invited to anticipate the upcoming Polaris Dawn mission, and can ponder the potential evolution of SpaceX’s EVA suits for implementing on the Moon and potentially Mars in the distant future.

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